Pauline's dog hiking service is great for me and my 2 dogs. Every day I take my dogs for 2 good walks, except for Thursdays. On that day,the boys go out with Pauline.  I know I will come home to 2 content and well exercised guys. It is good for them on so many levels- they get to explore different trails, they socialize with other dogs, and I know they are safe with Pauline, who has a "way" with dogs and also has her dog first aide certification if something goes wrong (nothing has). As a hard working single person, it is nice for me to have a break as well. It is a win win for all of us!

Ellen Brown


The pacing begins Tuesday night, back and forth to the window. The more we ignore her, the more she begins to whine. We need to go to the window too...Is she here yet?
Outside back and forth till bedtime. (Whining)
Sophie is very vocal Tuesday night's, very physical and loud, wants to play.
Wednesday morning, no holds barred, running, head tilting, barking, standing at window.

I can not help myself but to ask her, is that Levi? Pauline?
Poor pup, it doesn't end untill Pauline opens the back door.
Sophie is one smart pup, she knows when Wednesday is.
She loves her Trails for Tails hikes with Pauline and Levi.

Thank you every Wednesday night, Trish & Andy Pavan

Sophie watching out the window for Pauline &Levi.



Waiting outside for her hike.







Sophie  tired & content after her Wednesday hike.

What would I do without Pauline!  I have two active dogs that need to get out and run.  I work full time and in the winter months I leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark, so, lucky for my dogs, we have Pauline from Trails For Tails to take them out during the week..

My dogs seem to have a built in calendar and know when it is "HIke Day".  They are perched at he window , noses pressed against the glass, anxiously awaiting Pauline's arrival.  I always know that they will be good and tired when I get home as they have had a two hour off leash hike.  This wonderful adventure hike breaks up the week for them and holds them off until I can take them out on the weekend, and Pauline always posts photos on the Facebook page so I can see what my fur babies were up to that day.  It's a different adventure every week, lots of new things to smell and they get to meet all kinds of new playful friends.

If your dog needs an adventure, give Pauline a call.


Corrie Allen





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