Prior to accepting any dogs on hikes and any pet sitting services, a free no obligation in home consultation will be completed.  This will allow myself and the owner to discuss the needs of the pet as well as fill out some paperwork that will help me learn about your pets past history and any relevant issues that may be of concern



For the safety of all the dogs on the hikes, no dogs with aggression towards other dogs and/or people will be taken on the pack hikes. Once a hike schedule is established, your dog will be picked up on the agreed date and time, loaded into a safe vehicle, leashed inside for safety, and driven to an out of town trail where they will hike with dogs of similar energy levels through forests with fresh water sources for their drinking and swimming enjoyment. 


All dogs will start their first hike on leash until I feel comfortable that they feel like part of the pack.  Once this trust is established then the goal is to allow them to complete the hike off leash with the other dogs in the pack.  During the hike, consistent recall with the dogs will be exercised and established for off-leash adventures and we will practice sits and stays regularly to ensure a balanced pack and also establish myself as the pack leader.  Plenty of praise, love, play and positive reinforcement will always be included in our services.  Enough leashes for all dogs on the hike will always be carried in case of unforeseen situations as well as an emergency first aid kit and cell phone with all clients contact information and preferred Veterinarian. 


When the hike is over all dogs will be towelled off and returned home, tired and happy.  Frequent pictures of hikes will be posted on Trails For Tails face book page, which can be viewed by anyone, even if you don’t have a face book profile.


In-Home Pet Visits

This service is for either dogs and/or cats where each visit will be approximately 20 minutes.  I will come to your home a predetermined number of times a day while you are away, feeding, giving fresh water and spending time playing, snuggling, and doing whatever makes your pet happy. For dogs this will also include a short walk or playtime in the yard.  Other tasks while you are away such as longer walks, watering plants or bringing in the mail can also be negotiated. This service is also great if your pet is alone all day while you are at work.




Being our most popular hike, your dog will be picked up in the morning and transported with other dogs of similar energy levels, to an out of town trail.  Here they will hike with me and a maximum of 7 dogs for between 1.5 - 2 hours, where they will have time to play, swim and socialize with other friendly dogs in a safe environment..


      2 hour pack hike - $30 each or purchase a

          Prepaid Punch card of 5 - $140  ($145 for rural homes)


 (not currently offered but will do if there is enough demand)


For the senior and less energetic dogs, this is also an out of town location but focuses more on socialization and an easier hike at a more relaxed pace and also includes fresh water sources for drinking and swimming.


      1 hour  pack hike - $25 each 


Hikes are offered Monday to Friday, rain or shine, excluding stat. holidays.


 Discounts for multi-dog homes.




      One daily visit - $25


      Two daily visits -$35


      Three daily visits -$45


These rates  are based within city limits,  rural  areas  negotiated on an individual basis.






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